Repeal The Unfair 

Gas Tax

California’s gas prices are the highest in the nation because we already pay nearly a dollar in taxes for every gallon of gas we buy.




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  1. California’s cost of living is skyrocketing and working families can barely keep up. 
  2. The new gas and car tax hikes can cost a family of four more than $500 per year! That’s not pennies, that’s real money.

SOURCE: (1) NBC Los Angeles 

SOURCE: (1) San Jose Mercury News 

SOURCE: (2) Michael Genest, former Director, California Department of Finance

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The gas tax hike is not fair.  It is a regressive tax that hits working families and the poor much harder than the wealthy.

SOURCE: Hon. Jerome Horton, Member, California Board of Equalization, The Sacramento Observer

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  1. Californians pay 95.5 cents to the government on every gallon of gas.
  2. That’s about $18 in taxes and fees on a typical fill-up – much more than motorists pay in other states. 

SOURCE (1): California Energy Commission, California Board of Equalization, California Legislative Analyst Office, California Tax Foundation

SOURCE (2): American Automobile Association;

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  1. California has a $16 billion budget surplus this year.
  2. The Sacramento politicians decided to use it for their own pet projects instead of improving roads, bridges and highways. In fact, the Legislature has actually REDUCED Caltrans funding by 18 percent over the last ten years.

SOURCE (1): Financial Post

SOURCE (2): Michael Genest, former Director, California Department of Finance

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72% of all state motor vehicles related taxes and fees collected by the state are used for programs other than streets, roads and highways.  It’s time to end the transportation fund shell game.

SOURCE: Michael Genest, former Director, California Department of Finance

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If the transportation-related taxes and fees we already paid before this new tax increase took effect were spent on transportation – the state would have $5.6 billion annually for transportation needs, without raising taxes.

SOURCE: Assemblyman Vince Fong, Sacramento Bee

About Proposition 6 

This ballot measure will do two simple things to give voters a voice:

Repeal any Gas Tax and Car Tax increase adopted by the State Legislature in 2017 – unless and until it is approved by voters.
Require any future Gas Tax and Car Tax increases to be approved by voters.